Advocacy Opportunities
Mon - School Bus Driver Lobby Day
Wed - Social Worker Advocacy Day
Thur - Black Legislative Day

House Hearing Highlights
Mon - HB2208Creating the crime of sexual extortion
Mon - HB2233Stipend for teachers classroom supplies
Mon - HB2261Decreasing food tax to 5.5%
Tues - HB2273Wind generation permit
Tues - HB2257School Bullying policies
Tues - HB2092Election day registration
Tues/Wed - SB22Tax breaks bill
Wed - HB2067Broadcast legislative meetings
Wed - HB2274Medication abortion reversal notification
Wed - HB2183Computer science course for H.S.  graduation
Thur - HB2187Office of the child advocate for children's protection

Senate Hearing Highlights
Mon - SB47Student opportunity scholarship program
Tues - SB43Election day registration
Wed - SB130Opportunity to fix advance ballot signature
Wed - SB162Inform Governor/Legislature is foster child is missing