We Don't have representation

Many Americans are marginalized and dangerously underrepresented in both voter turnout and elected office.

U.S. Voter Turnout in the 2018 Election



Source: U.S. Census Bureau

 Less turnout means fewer needs met

We the people hire and fire our government leaders, but entire communities aren’t showing up to the polls. When a community doesn’t cast ballots, politicians have no reason to address the issues facing that community. Worse, as turnout plummets, large donations from major corporations become increasingly powerful in deciding legislation that determines our future.

We can Realize representation

Let’s overcome apathy, build community, and demand change. Turnout the vote and turn up democracy: together we can realize representation and create a government that works for everyone.

It starts local. 

It starts with you. 

Take Action

Work toward a peaceful representative democracy


Invest in information, empowerment, and action