Advocacy Opportunities

Mon/Tues - Kobach Trial 9am-5:30pm Dole Courthouse KCK

Wed - Students Demand Gun Reform 10am-Noon Kansas Statehouse

Thur - WEALTH Day 8am-3pm Kansas Statehouse

Upcoming Senate Hearing Highlights

Tues/Wed - HB 2506 Rehabilitation of abandoned property by cities. 

Mon - HB 2579 Providing compensation for a person who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned.

Tues -  HB 2581 Increasing the criminal penalties for the crime of giving a false alarm in certain circumstance (Swatting)

Tues -  Sub HB 2331, HB 2332, HB 2359 various cybersecurity bills

Wed - HB 2459 Amending the Kansas standard asset seizure and forfeiture act and establishing the Kansas asset seizure and forfeiture repository.

Upcoming House Hearing Highlights

Mon - SB 394 Ensuring transparency in state government contract decisions and other actions. 

Mon - SB 336 Providing compensation for a person who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. 

Mon - HB 2616 Providing for a 3.25% sales tax rate on food and food ingredients. 

Mon - HB 2618 Creating a new income tax bracket for joint filers with income over $1,000,000 and all other individuals with income over $500,000.

Tues - HB 2704 Requiring written informed consent before administering an antipsychotic medication to an adult care home resident.