week 5 committee hearings

SB 147 - Under Kansas income tax act; providing rate changes and determination of Kansas adjusted gross income and sunsetting certain modifications.

HB 2181 - Requiring a statewide reporting and accounting of untested sexual assault evidence collection kits

HB 2115 - Providing for fair consideration for employment to persons with records of conviction.

HB 2147 - Authorizing the Department of Revenue to study Native American veteran's income tax settlement claims

SB 37 - Elections; voting procedures where proof of citizenship is not provided

SB 98 - Regulating abortion practice; requiring certain physician information to be provided under the woman's right to know act

HB 2242 - Enacting the classroom-based funding act.

HB 2237 - Concerning taxation; relating to income tax, rates, determination of income, tax credits; motor fuels tax, rates, trip permits, distribution; sales and compensating use tax, food and food ingredients.

HB 2042 - Concealed carry licensure amendments under the personal and family protection act.

SB 69 - KanCare process and contract requirements.

SB 74 - People with certain disabilities; motor vehicle registration information and notation on state-issued identification cards.

HB 2064 - establishing the KanCare bridge to a healthy Kansas program