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Kansas Voter Registration

First, check if you are already registered, up-to-date, & active: HERE

Follow these steps to ensure you register properly

1) Fill out & submit a Kansas Voter Registration form HERE

2) Take a clear photo of your passport, birth certificate, naturalization documents, or other proof of citizenship and email it to your county elections office found HERE

3) Has your name changed since you were born? If your full name or gender on your photo ID does not exactly match your proof of citizenship you will need to fill out THIS FORM and scan, fax, or mail it to your county elections office found HERE

4) You should receive a voter registration card in the mail within 2 weeks. If you do not then call your county elections office HERE and ask why you have not received it.

5) Bring your photo ID to the polling place listed on your registration card on election day.


Want to vote by mail? Click HERE to request an advanced ballot by mail

No Photo ID? Click HERE to request a free one

No Proof of Citizenship? 

Born in Kansas? For a free Birth Certificate you need to fill out & send off these 2 forms HERE and HERE

Born outside of Kansas? Click HERE to find and order your birth certificate


Other Questions? Please call your county elections office found HERE