Bills passed out of a chamber

during turnaround week

House Bills

HB 2130 Relating to department of administration regulations on contracts and purchase orders. 124-0

HB 2031 Establishing the advisory council on palliative care and quality of life and palliative care education program. 107-17

HB 2111 Death benefits for certain KP&F surviving spouses. 124-0

HB 2121 Reporting the administration of vaccines to the state registry. 100-24

HB 2191 Relating to licenses, permits, stamps and other issues of the Kansas department of wildlife, parks and tourism.

HB 2234 Setting a time in which infectious disease testing of certain offenders must take place. 124-0

HB 2079 Water district vehicle registration. 125 - 0

HB 2102 Board of county commissioners; meetings. 124 - 1

HB 2125 Amending the Kansas general corporation code to include public benefit corporations. 124 - 1

HB 2158 Providing for canvassing of advance ballots submitted by mail on election day. 123 - 2

HB 2170 Allowing bicycles to be equipped with either a rear lamp or reflector. 116 - 9

HB 2301 Legislative review of exceptions to disclosure of public records. 125 - 0

HB 2070 Creating an exemption to the Kansas open records act for the central registry of Kansas police and law enforcement officers. 107 - 18

HB 2128 Allowing the governor's domestic violence fatality review board to recess for a closed or executive session. 104 - 21

HB 2136 Updating provisions relating to weights and measures. 119 - 6

HB 2140 Authorizing the governor to enter into the great plains interstate fire compact. 124 - 1

HB 2153 Fee agencies, moneys transferred to the state general fund; notification to persons paying fees that moneys have been transferred. 124 - 1

HB 2176 Providing exceptions to the parental notification requirement when a sexual assault evidence collection examination of a minor has taken place. 108 - 17

HB 2186 Enacting the uniform arbitration act of 2000. 72 - 53 (As amended to include due process for K-12 teachers_

HB 2268 Extending the sunset date on certain working after retirement exemptions. 116 - 9

HB 2333 Audits of election results; voting machine requirements; timing of the canvass. 124 - 0

HB 2036 Providing income tax credits for aerospace and aviation program graduates and their employers. 77 - 47

HB 2044 Clubhouse community-based psychosocial rehabilitation program. 81 - 44 (Amended to add KanCare Expansion)

HB 2066 Public wholesale water supply districts and highway right-of-way. 123 - 2

HB 2076 Creating the seat belt safety fund and increasing the fine for adult seat belt violations. 92 - 33

HB 2080 Reinstatement of forfeited benefit units of rural water districts. 112 - 13

HB 2095 Providing a special vehicle permit for certain vehicle combinations. 77 - 48

HB 2106 License renewal of treatment centers. 125 - 0

HB 2129 Relating to an exception to department of administration energy audit requirements. 124 - 1

HB 2148 Providing for an Autism awareness distinctive license plate. 120 - 5

HB 2160 Amending the individual development account program act to allow certain expenditures by individuals who were likely to age out of foster care. 125 - 0

HB 2187 Restrictions on persons interacting with child care facilities. 125 - 0

HB 2197 Creating an exception to the Kansas open records act for juror lists. 125 - 0

HB 2203 Designating a segment of United States highway 75 as the SGT Eldon K Miller memorial highway. 125 - 0

HB 2210 Elections; political or temporary signs; city and county restrictions. 100 - 25

HB 2260 Allowing probation revocation without graduated sanctions for persons on probation due to downward departure. 125 - 0

HB 2272 Establishing the Kansas water authority science and research subcommittee. 77 - 48

HB 2278 Hillside cemetery district; de-annexation of territory located within the city of Valley Center. 125 - 0

HB 2302 Relating to the custody and disposition of cruelly treated animals. 124 - 1

HB 2312 Amending the administrative hearing process for the department of agriculture. 121 - 4

HB 2320 Clarifying who receives notice of request for disclosure of warrants. 125 - 0

HB 2118 Providing liability exceptions and inactive provider coverage limits under the health care provider insurance availability act and exempting certain licensed providers from the act. 124 - 0

HB 2174 Amending the definition of disabled veteran for distinctive license plate eligibility. 124 - 0

HB 2217 Standards governing the use and administration of emergency opioid antagonists. 124 - 0

HB 2205 Vaccinations for meningitis required. 104 - 20

HB 2240 Enacting the crisis intervention act. 124 - 0

HB 2219 Relating to diabetes information reporting. 117 - 7

HB 2107 Inclusion of biological products in the pharmacy act of the state of Kansas. 114 - 10

HB 2262 Adding employees of the department of corrections to the definition of law enforcement officer regarding requests for law enforcement assistance from another jurisdiction. 124 - 0

HB 2329 Amending certain employment security benefit provisions relating to receipt of separation pay. 124 - 0

HB 2304 Child care facilities; infant safety in sleeping equipment and sleeping areas. 119 - 5

HB 2256 Election offenses; electioneering crime changes. From 118 - 6 to 72 - 52

HB 2257 Adding an armed services occupation medal decal for distinctive military license plates. 124 - 0


SENATE bills

SB 25 Removing the requirement for a public hearing to set cabin fees owned or operated by the department of wildlife, parks and tourism 26-14

SB 26 Increasing the vessel registration fee cap 36-4

SB 32 Medical student loan agreements for psychiatry 35-5

SB 36 Concerning definitions and regulations relating to motor carriers 40-0

SB 50 Changing the membership of the advisory committee on uniform state laws and the joint committee on special claims against the state 40-0

SB 51 Board of pharmacy emergency scheduling authority40-0

SB 52 Adding and amending substances included in schedules I, II and IV of the uniform controlled substances act 40-0

SB 56 Streamlining filing requirements for reports of campaign contributions immediately preceding an election 40-0

SB 60 Extending the sunset of certain department of agriculture fees 35-5

SB 65 Allowing creditor sale of repossessed alcoholic liquors pledged as collateral for satisfaction of debt 40-0

SB 66 Mid-term appointments of state bank board members 40-0

SB 67 Granting state-chartered banks the power to purchase certain tax credits 38-2

Sub for SB 74 Providing for a placard and identification card for persons needing assistance with cognition; also providing for a notation on state-issued drivers' licenses and identification cards 28-11

SB 75 Adding an additional member to the board of trustees of Cowley county community college 40-0

SB 87 Amending the Kansas credit services organization act 36-4

SB 92 Requiring certain custodial interrogations to be videotaped 40-0

SB 110 Authorizing the board of regents to provide supplemental health insurance coverage for certain state employees 39-1

SB 126 Restrictions on persons interacting with child care facilities 38-2

SB 144 Prohibiting the use of a wireless communication device in a school zone or a road construction zone21-17

Sub for SB 8 Providing for the canvassing of advance voting ballots mailed on the date of an election  27-13

SB 42 Clarifying criminal sentencing for certain persons subject to a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment 40-0

SB 46 Water conservation area findings, notice and management plans 40-0

SB 48 Remedies for the impairment of a valid water right or permit to divert and use water 37-3

SB 57 Easing communications with political campaign officers and party committees through requiring email addresses in reports to secretary of state 37-3

SB 61 Relating to fees for dairy businesses and the processing of paper documents by the Kansas secretary of agriculture

SB 63 Enacting the revised uniform fiduciary access to digital assets act 40-0

SB 88 Repossessed certificates of title fees; repealing the repossessed certificates of title fee fund 40-0

SB 89 Motor vehicle title and registration, collection of fees 34-6

SB 93 Revocation timeframe of drivers' licenses for certain offenses 40-0

SB 100 Allowing scholarships for mental health nurses in the nursing service scholarship program 40-0

SB 101 Amending the protection from abuse act and protection from stalking act to establish the protection from stalking or sexual assault act 40-0

SB 112 Reducing the penalty for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 39-1

SB 124 Amending factors considered in determinations of child custody, residency and parenting time 40-0

SB 154 Amendments to home health agency licensure 38-2

SB 181 Allowing certain persons with suspended drivers' licenses to enter into amnesty agreements with the district court 40-0

SB 40 Creating a statutory procedure for an arrest without a warrant for a violation of an appearance bond condition 38-1

SB 68 Enacting the Kansas lay caregiver act 38-1

SB 114 Clarifying admissibility of certain tests for drugs or alcohol in proceedings under the revised Kansas code for care of children 39-0

SB 78 Elections; voting place changes; written notice to affected voters; emergency exception 39-0

SB 47 Amending the Kansas pet animal act 34-5

SB 136 Mandatory expungement of arrest records of a person arrested as a result of mistaken identity or identity theft 38-1