What's a millennial?

Millennials are the generation that came of adult age at the turn of the millennium. It generally refers to those age 18-34 born on or after 1982.

Do Millennials vote?

United States vs. Kansas Voter Turnout % by age

Kansas has lower than national average youth turnout, but higher than national average middle-age/elder turnout.

Kansas Population Vs. Kansas Voting Population 2014

Kansas millennials (18-34) are drastically underrepresented in the voting population. Kansans around age 40 are proportionally represented and Kansans increasingly become overrepresented after age 45. Kansans 65 and older were 462% more likely to vote in 2014 than Kansans age 18-24. In 2012 they were 232% more likely.

Kansas Millennials 2014

Why Millennial Representation matters


Millennials are now the largest voting age generation in the United States, yet the least likely to vote. They are the most diverse in history and have clear and distinct views on issues, policies, and politics.

U.S. Millennial Race/Ethnicity

Millennials are the most diverse generation with 44% being a part of a minority race or ethnic group.

U.S. Millennial Religious Composition

Millennials are the least religious generation with 37% not identifying with any faith.

Millennial Party Affiliation

Millennial leaning Party Affiliation

Half of Millennials identify as Independent. Over half are Democrat leaning.

Unified policy preference

Millennial policy preferences are unified even more so than political parties. Millennials overwhelmingly favor things like pre-kindergarten education access, renewable energy expansion, and reductions in nonviolent criminal sentencing. In essence, Millennials favor the rapid expansion of quality of life measures. 

Renewable Energy

Transition to renewable energy by 2030

Police Reform

Require police to wear body cameras

Background Checks

Universal background checks for gun purchases

Legal Pathway

Pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants

Universal Pre-K

Ensure access to quality pre-K for every child

Sentencing Reform

Reduce Prison sentences for non-violent crimes

Where are Millennials?

On college Campuses

Kansas Millennials Age Breakdown

18-24 in Higher Ed.

Excluding non Kansas Board of Regents Schools

The highest concentration of Millennials are those under 25.  Nearly half are enrolled in public higher education.

on Social Media

Millennial Social Media Used

18-29 Facebook use frequency

Around 90% of 18-29 year olds use Facebook of which over 90% use it weekly. 61% of Millennials get political and governmental news from Facebook.


How we increase turnout


Invest in youth turnout